It is one of the most complex and critical assignment and course work for the students to deal with. Within the limited time, restricted resources and narrow skills and expertise, the students are required to conduct the research and conclude the results and findings. Some argue that research report writing is very easy, but as a matter of fact it is not, it is rather interesting but very complex and critical. The reason is the fact that even professional researchers need long time, huge efforts and resources to conduct the research and come up with one authentic, reliable and valid conclusion.

Therefore when the research reports have to be written by the students, they face the similar issues. Moreover the limited knowledge of the given topic or subject make the task more critical and complicated for the students. And in this the students are usually found to have vague, invalid, illogical and unacceptable report and this ultimately leads them towards the lowest marks or even failure. Since the students are always very conscious about their results, they prefer experts to deal with their critical and complex research report writing tasks.

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