The subject of marketing is very vast and huge in terms of concepts, ideas and theories. The reason is the fact that marketing is one of the most important and significant part of any business in real world. According to the theorists, the marketing started from the first ever transaction made by human being on earth. Therefore since many centuries the people and firms across the world are associated with the marketing. This has leaded the theorists, researchers and practitioners to develop many concepts, models and theories. Therefore whenever the students are given the marketing assignments, they have to have the in depth understanding of all the marketing concepts and theories because all the concepts are associated with each others.

Although in general the marketing assignments are comparatively easier than other subjects such as Finance and Economics etc, but for students, huge numbers of marketing concepts, different models, hundreds of theories and their integration and connection with each other makes the situation difficult. The supervisors and lecturers, expect the students to have full command on all the marketing tools, techniques and theories and develop the assignments, course works etc. Moreover, in some cases, the students are assigned with the short marketing plan for the different companies and organizations. And that is another difficult situation when the students feel stress.

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