Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the most important, critical but interesting subject. It allows the students to understand of how the organizations are managed and deal with all the employees’ related issues and problems. Earlier, the Human Resource Management (HRM) was limited to managing the human capital, recruiting the most appropriate and suitable personnel, and designing and implementing the training and development tools and models. But today, the role of human resource management is more diversified as compared to ever before. The Human Resource Management in every organization is now integrated with the corporate level decisions which allow the firms and organizations to first understand their human capital strengths and weaknesses and design, develop and implement the strategies accordingly.

The diversification of Human Resource Management has created many issues for the students. The developed and advanced techniques, tools, models and theories are very difficult for the students to understand and develop the assignments and coursework accordingly. The students those are interested in human resource management may be able to deal with the assignments of all educational level. But the students those are more interested in finance, economics, marketing etc, may not be able to understand the subject and its concepts etc. Therefore preparing the assignment of HRM is a serious issue for them.

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