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1. John Lewis Partnership

Executive Summary:

This paper analyzes the various aspects of John Lewis, which are meant to design the marketing strategy for the company. Starting from introducing the John Lewis, overall business and marketing objectives are developed. Moreover, the report below also discusses the operational resources that are required by the company to conduct the marketing activities and achieve the defined objectives.

Moreover, within the context to environmental analysis, porter’s 5 forces model and PEST analysis are also conducted to reflect the external business environment. Based on environmental analysis, marketing mix strategy has been developed, in which the core focus was made on the product, price, place and promotional strategies.

Furthermore, supply chain management of the John Lewis is also discussed and recommendations are made accordingly to improve the SCM performance. The report below also includes demand, forecasting activities and capacity planning, under which the company is suggested to adopt the IT resources to enhance the results. Project management is another area on which the recommendations are made for the company. In the end, the company is also suggested to focus more on product and service design to ensure that all the products are up to the customers’ expectations.

2. Business Model

Online Retail Store


Since the business world has entered into globalization mode, the online retail stores have become more popular and successful in the recent years. The growth rate in online retail stores has become one of the key concerns of the business entrepreneurs.

One the main issues in online retail store is the intense competition that restricts not only the new entrants but also the existing players within the industry. In order to ensure that the online store of our company becomes successful and efficiently drives towards the achievement of defined goals and targets, the business model has been constructed to keep the management on track.

It is for sure that once the below constructed business model has been adopted and efficiently implemented, the business will grow faster than the other players in the market.

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